• Located: in front at the level of the hip bone (os ischii)
  • Corresponds to: endocrine glands: adrenal glands
  • When: He wakes up to his full activity: at 4 o'clock in the morning, this is the moment when we can observe the highest activity of creation.
  • Colour: Red
  • Musical note: DO
  • Day of the week: Monday

Example qualities:

will, fighting spirit, determination, stamina, perseverance, concentration

Unsuitable defaults:

tyranny, power approach, malice, vulgarity, voluntarism (originated as a reaction to extreme rationalism and intellectualism).

At the physiological level it is: starter of the day

However, an extreme emphasis on the will and, in some cases, unrestricted freedom, can also mean the suppression of reason, knowledge and truth, and thus lead to irrationalism. The will is then considered to be the basic principle of all reality. WANTING The opposition of reason and will, truth and power, knowledge and action, balance and freedom, intellectualism and voluntarism are therefore among the fundamental polarities of human thought and action. Both components undoubtedly belong to human life, but each of them can lead to undesirable consequences on its own. 
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