ESSENCE: The LAW is the sum of all natural and cosmic laws that we know, but also those laws that we will gradually discover, but which already exist and are valid.

Understanding the concept of the LAW is very important in order to start on the same grounds.

The term LAW is used in WE AGREE as a summary of all the laws of the universe in which we all live and which are the same for all of us.


  • Physical laws of nature/universe (Newton's and quantum laws), chemical, biological, and energy.
  • The composition of our whole being (spirit, soul, body), DNA ...
  • The functioning of our energetical structure, mind, consciousness, subconscious....
  • Different energy levels, form ideas, being development, being hierarchies,...the development and movement of everything
  • Everyone's development and journey from conception to death, incarnations, .,..
  • and many other aspects that are appropriate to understand and respect in order to live in Love.

We all live in the same LAW. The LAW includes everything. As a basis, it is necessary to realize that EVERYTHING that happens is part of THE LAW, both pleasant and unpleasant (Love/hate, joy/sadness, life/death, health/disease, wishing/wanting, ...) .

In the whole concept of WE AGREE we use the term "living in accordance with the LAW", by which we express only that part of the LAW that allows us to live our lives beautifully and pleasantly. Which means that we are accompanied by pleasant and beautiful energies that the universe offers us and in which we feel good

The LAW offers us the possibility to choose an "unpleasant" path. And it's up to us if we understand and accept that basically negative energies do not exist and that which is unpleasant for us (sickness, pain, sadness, regret, anger...) only alerts us that it is appropriate to improve something in our mind and in our energy structure. Let us be grateful for these reminders and let us evolve.

  • pleasant / appropriate = popularly called „Paradise", here it is important to understand that Paradise does not exist in itself. IF WE LIVE OUR LIFE IN RESPECT OF THE LAW, IT MEANS THAT WE ARE LIVING APPROPRIATE AND PLEASANT = WE ARE LIVING IN PARADISE. We perceive that we are living in Paradise, when we allow only pleasant energies to flow within us. We are responsible for what energy we allow to flow within us. In other words, it is important that we learn to appropriately process the inappropriate thoughts that will result in our expressions and actions.
  • unpleasant / inappropriate = popularly called "Hell", here it is important to understand that Hell does not exist by itself. "Hell" is only a manifestation of unpleasant energies that we block in ourselves, that is, we ourselves are responsible for them.

There is no human influence on THE LAW. It is not our role to change the LAW. However, we have the opportunity to choose the path we will follow within the framework of what LAW offers us. We can always choose:

  • between whether we will live in WISHING = „PARADISE" or live in WANTING = „Hell".
  • whether we will be happy with what is or unhappy with what is not.
  • what we believe.
  • our values.
  • our goals, plans, journeys.
  • whether we accept our place and role.
  • and realize our abilities and devote ourselves to our development.

The entire universe operates according to precise Laws, where everything is interconnected. The principle of Action and Reaction is the same, but the circumstances are always different..

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