The following is basic information about explaining the operation of our energy centres = chakras. Detailed information is provided during the seminars.

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, it means WHEEL, because these energy centres are still moving = spinning.
On our body (energetical structure)) we have:

  •  18 main permanent chakras, permanent means that they are permanently active, here we will explain for 7 basic permanent chakras, see picture. Chakra 7 is triple = 3 chakras. There are 2 chakras on the jaw joints, each on one side. There is 1 chakra in the mouth on the upper floor. There is 1 chakra on the tongue. There is 1 chakra on the palatine uvula in the mouth. There is 1 chakra on the navel. In the middle between the thighs is 1 chakra. There is 1 chakra between the knees. There is 1 chakra between the calves in the middle.
  • 18 temporary chakras that are active only when the part of the body is in motion. 14 chakras are located on each side of the joints of the jaws, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and the other 4 chakras are on the liver, spleen, rectum, clitoris / penis.



  • There are energy spheres with an average radius of approximately 7-8 cm in an energetically healthy adult.
  • The location of the energy sphere is located at their intersection with the physical body, see the picture on the left.
  • Each chakra has its own physiological functionality, which is their own, and any anomalies at their level can directly form physiological to mental disorders, see the picture of improperly functioning chakras.
  • Each chakra is connected with specific qualities = virtues, vices, colour, tone, day of the week and the endocrine gland.
  • When we close our eyes, we can see vivid colours, these colours are the colours of the chakras.
  • Chakras are part of our above-sensory perception.


Chakras are spheres, about 7 - 8 cm in diameter in an energetically healthy person, which contain a triangle oriented with the tip upwards, which fills the entire space of the sphere. This triangle rotates like a search head to capture / reorganize and reorganize information in our energy layers. It is essential to understand that our memory is not in our brain, but needs to pass through it or enter our chakras so that awareness and concretization can take place. Each chakra controls a specific endocrine gland, has its own colour, tone, day of the week. Their appropriate function indicates qualities = virtues and otherwise pointe to vices.

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