• Located: below the epigastrium, at the site of projection of the solar plexus (abdominal), hence the name "solar plexus "
  • Corresponds to: endocrine glands: pancreas
  • When: He wakes up to his full activity: around noon. Awakens our appetite
  • Colour: Yellow 
  • Musical tone: MI
  • Day of the week: Wednesday

Example qualities:

courage, imagination, creativity, motivation,

Unsuitable defaults:

gloomy, gloomy, morose (introvert), refusal to get help, pompous (nose up = inappropriate, versus to be proud of= suitable)

At the physiological level, it corresponds to the function of digestion

Intestinal pain is often caused by chakra malfunction 3

It is the energy center that is most often affected in our society today, because it is directly related to our will to dominate stress. 

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