• Located: in the middle of the forehead, is also often called in the Oriental traditions of the third eye
  • Corresponds to: endocrine glands: pituitary gland
  • When: He wakes up to his full activity: in the evening
  • Colour: indigo
  • Musical tone: LA
  • Day of the week: Saturday

Example of qualities:

universal LOVE, intelligence, feeling / perception, patience, tolerance, trust, visualization, acumen (mind, persons), wit, wisdom, cleverness (main foresight), clairvoyance, gentleness,

Unsuitable defaults:

intellectualization, ideologization, exaggeration in many healing methods (people who try all healing methods, follow all the seminars, constantly doubt. These people are not easy to treat because they come only for a new experience)

At the physiological level, he is THE CONDUCTOR OF ALL ENDOCRINE GLANDS.

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