• Located: at the top of the skull
  • Corresponds to: endocrine glands: pineal gland = pineal gland
  • When: He wakes up to his full activity: around 24 hours, it's the helm of the brain
  • Colour: purple
  • Musical tone: SI
  • Day of the week: Sunday
  • At the physiological level it is: not exactly known, but its energetic functionality is enormous, Descartes called it the "helm of the brain"

Example qualities:

Inspiration, sense of direction, spirituality = spirituality (not spiritualism), ability to synthesize

Unsuitable defaults:

Mythomanie, pathological fabrication Pseudologia phantastica also pseudology or dysmnesia (mythical lying) is a disorder, a myth, unlike various fraudsters, does not lie out of greed or intent to harm anyone. His main motive is to gain such attention and respect as he would never have known if he had relied on his "ordinary and uninteresting" self. He suffers from a lack of self-confidence and the fabrication of stories in which he plays a major role becomes a drug for him, without which he cannot live, trustworthiness, naivety (willingness to believe), greed, insatiability, gluttony, alacrity, atheism (disbelief), pharisianism .. = attitude when one appears as a model of exemplary / correct behaviour, materialistic spiritual, hypocrite pious, religious, devout, godly, ...
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