ESSENTIAL: punch, strike, beating, violence, beating is an inappropriate tool of coercion / enforcement, a tool of communication of the brutal people.


It is a very inappropriate energy and it is desirable that everything stop, if possible, immediately, and never happen again.


He who beats others manifests himself as a weak man incapable of self-control and understanding of the Law (excepted self-defences). The person that humiliates and hurts, tries to control others from a position of power, often forcing what he wants. And wanting is one of the most inappropriate energies one can use.

Appropriate arguments need to be conveyed in an acceptable form that the other is willing and able to accept, and replaced their original thinking and actions with more appropriate ones.

The victim is often forced to flee (not only physically but also energetically / mentally) and then hide in a shell. The principle of the shell, if we stay in it (which happens much more often than we think, even in other cases), is the beginning of the journey to depression ... The shell is not bad in itself. Even during a storm, it is natural to hide and find a safe place, but with the proviso that we will climb out of the shelter, ie out of the shell, and return to normal life.

However, if we stay in the shell for a long time, our mind begins to focus on inappropriate thoughts such as misunderstanding, anger, rage, fear, ... and even our energy center (chakras) will stop functioning properly. Our life energies (kundalini) get reversed, and instead of our life stream going from the bottom up (which is always appropriate), suddenly the energy flows from top to bottom (which is always inappropriate), and thus we are not able to follow our natural life development, appropriate the path to our being's growth. Very often we are affected in life by a negative mind, anger at everything and everyone, misunderstanding, rebellion, rejection ...

Question for the rapist: 

  • Do you want someone to batter you because they have a different opinion than you and are stronger? The answer will definitely be NO.
  • Do we have the right not to be victims of violence and to defend ourselves? The answer is clearly YES.

It is essential to communicate this, IN WRITTEN OR ORAL, with other and, if possible, competent persons. Like a psychologist, the police, friends, but definitely take appropriate action so that it does not happen again. Set the limits that are acceptable to you. It's up to you to decide what you allow. Living in fear that the violence will recur is devastating. And the excuses and promises that it will not happen again are the only ones who believe them.

Proposed procedure for solution and further explanation: The rapist is always concerned about misunderstood aspects of the Law, clogged points in his energy structures .... And until he cleans them, there is a high probability that the situation will be repeated.

Recommendations for rapists:

  • Contact professionals who are able to help

Before I do anything inappropriate, ask yourself the essential question: Do you want someone to do to you what you do to others?

  • Think of ways to convey arguments other than by force.
  • Learn to breathe deeply when a rush of anger comes.
  • Doing sports, walking, discharging unpleasant energy on other objects: chopping wood, using a punching bag or other sports that allow you to properly discharge excess aggression.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to forgive oneself if it is connected with events from childhood or puberty.

We highly recommend resolving this situation and here is a practical and legal view:

  • Don't be ashamed of your situation and seek professional help. Call a specialized center or protection and ...
  • You can file a criminal complaint against the perpetrator of domestic violence in accordance with the Criminal Code, which deals with the abuse of a person living together in a shared dwelling. Don't apologize for or blame yourself for it.
  • Call someone you trust (friend, family) - don't hesitate ...
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